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Your company and vehicles will be featured using Rental Limo's innovative technology to promote your brand and drive new customers your direction. We offer a variety of plans to fit your company's needs and budget. There are no long-term commitments and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. Scroll down to learn more about the different Rental Limo membership benefits and compare included features of the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.

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Rental Limo Membership Benefits

Rental Limo Web Page ™

As limo operator member, you will receive a custom Rental Limo web page™ to represent your limousine company and fleet. Customers can book your limos directly on Rental Limo within seconds. Set your hourly and flat rates for each vehicle to control the advertised price. Create coupons with coupon codes to promote special offers. Customers can also view various information pertaining to your company, such as your phone number, physical address, direct website URL and social media outlets.

Inbound Marketing

The Rental Limo team uses a combination of search engine marketing as well as search engine optimization to drive traffic to our web pages as well as yours. SEM examples include Google, Yahoo, and Bing pay-per-click ads as well as Facebook advertising and promoted tweets on Twitter. We also rank very competitively for important generic and geo-targeted keywords in Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Social Media Promotion

With the growing importance of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, the Rental Limo team uses Facebook promotion, tweets on Twitter, and Google+ marketing to provide further exposure to your limousine company. We help promote your Twitter account, your Google+, and Facebook page for your limo company. Other social media networks used include LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Geo-targeted Limo Services

One of the most important factors to consider when marketing your limousine service is the audience. In order to effectively convert a website visitor to a client, they must be a potential customer within your service area. Rental Limo is designed to deliver geo-targeted limousine services within the United States by way of city, state, or zip code search. Simply click on the map or enter your zip to browse limos in your city.

Lead Generation

Rental Limo lets customers browse, compare, and book limousines throughout the United States. Our nationwide booking system integrates your vehicles, photos, and rates. Each limo company gets a dedicated booking channel on their Rental Limo web page™ where only your vehicles are available for reservation. We also create a directory listing with your company name, logo, phone number and website link so that customers can connect with you directly.

Online Reservations

Customers enjoy a quick and easy 3-step booking process while making reservations online using Rental Limo. The customer simply enters his or her ride details, selects a vehicle, and then provides contact & payment information to request a reservation. You will then receive an email with the reservation details, where you will have the ability to either confirm or reject the booking. Customers can also take advantage of special online offers through the use of clickable coupon codes found on your company page.

E-mail Notifications

Rental Limo is equipped with automated e-mail notifications to limo operators as well as customers. Both parties receive an e-mail containing the Rental Limo reservation details after a ride has been requested and then again once it is confirmed by the limo operator. Upon confirmation, the limousine operator will receive the customer's contact information so that they may reach out to the customer and confirm payment details. Rental Limo will automatically send multiple e-mail reminders to both parties as the reservation date and pick-up time approach.

Mobile Applications

Your mobile presence is increasingly more important with recent demands in the limousine industry revolving around smart phones. Rental Limo is fully compatible with mobile devices and automatically redirects to m.RentalLimo.com. Customers and limo operators anxiously await the beta release of our Rental Limo mobile applications for the iPhone and Android devices in early 2014.

Operator Control Panel

Take control of your Rental Limo options by logging into the Rental Limo operator control panel. As a Rental Limo member, you can view analytics reports containing performance metrics such as vehicle impressions and unique visits to your Rental Limo web page™. Operators can also review and update vehicle details such as photos, hourly rates, and flat rates or create coupons with coupon codes to promote special offers on Rental Limo. Manage your Rental Limo reservations to confirm or decline booking requests and access Rental Limo website integration tools.

Website Integration

As a Rental Limo operator member, you can easily implement our powerful 3-step booking technology directly on your limousine company's website using our Book.limo on-site booking widget. Use our technology on your own personal website, allowing your customers to browse and book your vehicles with a white-label version of our software. Experience the difference as our customizable online booking system has been tested and proven, via dozens of case studies, to increase your online conversion rate and average ticket price while decreasing your labor. Visit https://Book.limo for more info.

Power your online reservations with Book.limo

Implement our powerful 3-step booking technology on your company's website in seconds.

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Rental Limo Commission ( ? ) 10% 15% 20%
Rental Limo Web Page ( ? ) Included Included Included
Online Booking ( ? ) Included Included Included
Social Media Promotion ( ? ) Included Included Included
Limited Edition Ads ( ? ) Included Included Included
Skyscraper Ads ( ? ) Included Included Not Included
Wide Photo Gallery ( ? ) Included Included Not Included
Top Banner Ads ( ? ) Included Not Included Not Included
Home Page Ad ( ? ) Included Not Included Not Included
Web Reservation Widget ( ? ) Book.limo Pro Book.limo Plus Book.limo Basic
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